It isn’t easy, when faced with an ordinary jotter or exercise book, to regularly and consistently maintain a record. And whilst some people instinctively do this type of diary keeping, well, most of us default to endless lists and bits of paper.

The Gardening Journal is a monthly blow-by-blow account of what’s happening in your garden, with sections for:

  • what’s growing and blooming
  • notes for what you’re considering planting that month
  • daily gardening chores for the month in a grid on one page so that you can see everything at a glance
  • observations and notes
  • a page for your shopping list
  • a page for drawings or photos
  • reviews of different products, nurseries or gardening books you’re reading

At the end of every month, there’s an overview section where one can decide what did and didn’t grow well in the garden, and what grows well together.
At the back of the journal is a plant ID section, which is where journaling really starts getting interesting. Here one can keep a log of everything from the plant’s common name, to its species, variety, colour, light preference, soil requirements, medicinal and health benefits etc.

Finally, because so many of us have contact details tacked somewhere, like the fridge door, they’ve included a contact section, where one can add the contact details of all and sundry who contribute specifically to your gardening experience. From the gardening service you use to your neighbour’s son who often hands you unusual plants over the garden wall. And there’s a small section given over to garden design where you can happily doodle for hours.

Because the Gardening Blog team not only have green fingers but a green philosophy as well, they’ve printed the Gardening Journal on eco-friendly paper, and print on demand only, to lessen their impact on the Earth. The journal is printed on eco-friendly ‘triple green’ paper.

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