The Gardening Journal

Gardening Journal
The Journal

Designed in an annual diary month-by-month style, that isn't tied to any given year, you can pick up the journal and begin in any month.

In the journal, you will find space for:

  1. what's growing and blooming
  2. notes for what you're considering planting that month
  3. daily gardening chores for the month in a grid on one page so that you can see everything at a glance
  4. observations and notes
  5. a page for your shopping list
  6. a page for drawings or photos
  7. space for reviews of different products, nurseries or gardening books you're reading

Monthly View

The Gardening Journal is a monthly blow-by-blow account of what's happening in your garden and includes all the sorts of categories that gardeners would love, so there's space for:

  1. Things to do this month (weekly breakdown)
  2. What's growing and blooming
  3. What can I plant this month
  4. Chore calendar
  5. Place to add pictures or drawings
  6. Reviews (products, nurseries, books)
  7. Planting dates
  8. Overview (what grew well, what didn't, companion planting and notes)
  9. Journal
Plant ID Section

Plant ID Section

At the back of the gardening journal is a plant ID section, which is where journaling really starts getting interesting. Here one can keep a log of everything from the plant's common name, to its species, variety, colour, light preference, soil requirements, medicinal and health benefits etc.

Plant ID Section - Keep a record of all your plants

Garden Design Grids

Garden Design Grids

At the back of the gardening journal you will find plenty of space intended for designing your gardening spaces. Graph paper for plotting out new garden plans, pencil in your new flower beds, design your new vegetable patch ... get creative and have fun plotting out your new garden plans!

Design grid - plan out your garden beds


Contact Section

Finally, because so many of us have contact details tacked somewhere, like the fridge door, we've included a contact section, where you can add the contact details of all and sundry who contribute specifically to your gardening experience.

Record the contacts details of nurseries, services etc.


Green Philosophy

Because the Gardening Blog team not only have green fingers but a green philosophy as well, they've printed the Gardening Journal on eco-friendly paper, and print on demand only, to lessen their impact on the Earth. The journal is printed on eco-friendly 'triple green' paper.

Eco-friendly Journal - We use recycled paper

We Recommend

A list of web sites we enjoy or recommend.

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Urban Sprouturban sprout features green news and opinion, and an organic eco directory that focuses on organic and eco-friendly products.

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The Gardener Magazine – A great magazine for South African gardeners, we also like the website for its informative gardening section, articles, tips and ideas. Edited by Tanya Visser, The Gardener is South Africa’s favourite gardening magazine.

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Stodels Nurseries – The biggest horticultural retailer in the Western Cape, Stodels stock anything related to gardening, from plants to pavers and are also proud to be stockist of all kinds of pet products.

SA Garden Magazine – SA Garden is a down-to-earth gardening and lifestyle magazine with lots of inspirational gardens to see, DIY projects to do and advice from experts to follow.

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