How It Came About

The Gardening Journal is Featured in SA Garden and The Gardener Magazines!

Barbara and Christine of The Gardening Blog, swapped notes on their individual gardening journals (or lack thereof), and realised just how vital it is to to keep a record over time of what they have done; the weather, their observations and even the odd photograph that they’ve tacked in to remind themselves of something particularly striking.

In chatting it over in their usual style, over at least one mug of coffee, they had an epiphany – to design a journal for themselves and for other gardeners to use.

And so they set to work.

The Gardening Journal is for those who enjoy keeping a record of their planting dates, what they have planted when, in which season, plant characteristics, their observations and more – a monthly blow-by-blow account of what’s happening in your garden. Barbara and Christine designed it with themselves in mind, and included all sorts of sections that like-minded gardeners will love …

Find out more: About The Gardening Journal

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